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Wild About Flowers
By: Karen Fletcher Avery

-Watercolors & Flowers-

Karen Fletcher Avery, Granddaughter of the late, Edward P. Robbins, offers a beautiful collection of hand painted Wildflower Watercolor Note Cards and Postcards. Send a little piece of The Blue Ridge Mountains to your friends and family with these Note Cards and Postcards. These are also a great gift.


"Take a Walk On the Wild Side" Note Cards

These Note Cards feature a few of our favorites such as the Turk’s Cap Lily, Yellow Lady Slipper, and Fire pink to name a few. These Cards are blank on the inside so you can customize the message for the occasion at hand. The 8 note cards come with envelopes and wildflower enclosure stickers as pictured above.

$11.50 per box


"Blue Ridge Wildflower Favorites" Large Postcards (3 per Pack)

These postcards depict some of the favorite wildflowers of The Blue Ridge Mountains framed by the beautiful mountains in the background. These large postcards measure 8.5 in. x 5.5 in. The back is blank allowing plenty of room for writing your message.

$5.00 per pack (3 postcards in pack)









Growing and Propagating Wildflowers  - Phillips

The information in this book concerning propagation techniques is often our reference book. It guides you through each plant’s life cycle and steps of propagating. Design layouts of suggested plants for sun, partial sun, and shade, plus soil preparation and maintenance give the beginner a good foundation to work from. The chapter on Ferns, their life cycle’s spore propagation and growing conditions is especially helpful. Also the calendar of blooming dates will assure you of a plan that will help you have native perennial beds that bloom all season long.

$22.95 each SOLD OUT


Wildflowers of North Carolina – Second Edition – Justice, Bell, & Lindsey

You will find much information in this Second Edition of a long time favorite, to help you as an amateur, student, or long time enthusiast of wildflowers. Justice, Bell and Lindsey have included, in addition to beautiful photographs, 100 additional species and information to address developments in the field of plant conservation, medicinal properties, cultivation of species in a wild garden and much more. As stated in the introduction “Anyone who takes the time to get to know and appreciate one of our wildflowers helps to preserve them”

  $19.95 each SOLD OUT


Wildflowers of the Southern Mountains – Richard M Smith

This is a comprehensive guide with 600 color photos, a pictorial key for help in identification of wildflowers, an extensive Description of Species, a Glossary of Botanical names and a wonderful introduction answering the question What’s In A Name?   This complete, non-technical field guide is useful for much of the eastern United States. Many of the flowers listed grow other places as well as the Southeast. Keep this one available for reference or just plain enjoyment.

$24.95 each SOLD OUT


Growing and Propagating Showy Native Woody Plants – Richard E Bir

Richard Bir, a horticulture specialist, identifies some of the showiest woody plants native to the Eastern United States and tells how to grow and propagate them in your garden. It has some hard to find information on many plants that are familiar to you and some that you may not have heard of. He offers this information in everyday terms rather than all technical language. You can grasp it easily. We highly recommend this book for your library.

$29.95 each


Wildflowers of the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains – Adkins & Cook  

Go beyond admiring wildflowers for their beauty and learn something about them. How did they come by their common and scientific names? Why does one grow in wetlands and others on mountain tops? Which ones are birds attracted to? What role have they played in folklore and what role do they play in modern medicine? As you hike, take a leisurely walk, or even drive along a highway, take time to look out the window and enjoy what nature has to offer. Perhaps your interest will be awakened and you will look for answers to these questions. The Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains are abundant with wildflowers. Plan a trip to this beautiful area with this book in hand.

$19.95 each SOLD OUT

Wildflowers of the Blue Ridge Parkway - J Anthony Alderman

Many of you have traveled along the Blue Ridge Parkway and have seen hundreds of colorful wildflowers nestled in the fields, woodlands and stream banks through the Southern Appalachian Mountains. This guide will help you locate and identify over 275 varieties of wildflowers, telling you the best overlooks and recreation areas for enjoying each season’s blooms.


Wildflowers & Plant Communities of the Southern Appalachians Mountains & Piedmont - Timothy P Spira

Rather than organizing plants, including trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants by color or family characteristics, botanist Tom Spira takes a holistic, ecological approach that enables the reader to identify and learn about plants in their natural communities. Whether you are a beginning naturalist or an expert botanist, this will be a useful companion for you.

Edible Wild Plants
Peterson Field Guide

Peterson’s Guides are designed to work in the field, and illustrations and descriptions are good to carry this book with you wherever you go looking for edible plants.

More than 370 edible wild plants, plus 37 poisonous look-alikes, with drawings and some photographs are included to help you recognize each species. You will also find some preparation instructions for 22 different food uses.

Native Plants of the Southeast

Author: Larry Mellichamp
Photographs by Will Stuart

In the many pages of this guide to the best natives for southeastern gardens are profiles of hundreds of trees, shrubs, vines, wildflowers, grasses, aquatics and ferns for the entire southeastern region that adapt well to garden cultivation, have all season appeal and attract native butterflies, birds and other beneficial wildlife.
Larry Mellichamp, the author, is director of the University of North Carolina Charlotte Botanical Gardens and Will Stewart, the photographer, is a native plant specialist. Both men have many titles attached to their names (too many to add here). This book documents their attention to detail with their knowledge of native plants and flowers well known to many of our customers.

A Field Guide to Wildflowers of the Eastern United States

Photos by Tom Gold Knight
Text by Tom Knight and Denise Anthes

This book is a unique field guide to wildflowers of the mountain regions of the Eastern United States. Unique because it includes many pollinators which are necessary for wildflowers to survive and flourish. Also there are many images of the leaves of flowering plants which are extremely helpful for plant identification.
The late Tom Gold Knight finished this book just before his death and Denise Anthes has followed through with continuing his legacy by getting his book out in the world for others to enjoy and learn from. Tom was a veteran photographer as shown in the beautiful pictures of wildflowers he chose for this book. A special addition of a DVD Screen Saver with music and beautiful pictures.

Wildflowers of Tennessee, the Ohio Valley and the Southern Appalachians
Compiled and Edited by Dennis Horn & Tavia Cathcart

This is an indispensable field guide for both amateurs and experts, one of our favorites and for anyone who appreciates the world of wildflowers in this entire region. It includes the flora of 16 states, over 1250 species in 90 families, 800 full color photographs with informative text and a helpful Color Key for finding a flower by bloom color and shape and much more.


Sold Out

Ferns of Alabama
John W Short and Daniel D Spaulding

A Gosse Nature Guide is a valuable resource for all outdoor enthusiasts. It fills a long-term void and thoroughly addresses ferns growing naturally in Alabama. It is a well organized book with good quality photographs which helps give insight into many fern’s local environment by showing neighboring plants. Maps illustrate in which county ferns are found, taxonomic keys designed for the nonscientific user makes it easy to pinpoint the identity of fern being studied and a glossary explains necessary botanical terms. Although written about Ferns of Alabama you will find it helpful in other places.







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