Native Orchids

Cranefly Orchid 

Tipularia discolor

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Ladies Tresses

Spiranthes cernua 

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Putty Root 

Aplectrum hyemale

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Rattlesnake Plantain

Goodyera pubescens

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Showy Orchid

Galearis spectabilis

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Yellow Fringed Orchid

Platanthera ciliaris

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Yellow Lady's Slipper

Cypripedium parv. pubescens

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Our Specialty is Wildflowers, Ferns, Native Orchids, Trees and Shrubs. We are a family owned and operated company now in our 4th generation. In fact, we are the oldest licensed Nursery in North Carolina, serving customers from across the U.S. and around the world.

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 9056 Pittmans Gap Rd Newland NC 28657