Shade to Semi-Shade Plants


Actaea racemosa  -  Black Cohosh


A great plant for the back of your shade garden. Has a tall white, slightly fragrant, spike flower in the late summer and when mature will reach about 4-6 feet tall with the foliage about 3-4 feet tall. Give it plenty of room when planting they will have about 3-4 foot spread when mature. These will tolerate some sun in cooler climates, morning sun is best. Needs to be in rich soil, moist but well drained. It is much sought after in the medicinal field for its medicinal properties.

Shade to Semi Shade, Rich Soil, Summer, 3-5 ft Tall, Zones 3-9.

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Astilbe biternata  -  False Goatsbeard


Similar in appearance to the Aruncus (Goats Beard), hence the common name. Puts on a beautiful show of white flowers in the Summer months with the flower stalks reaching a height of around 4-5 feet when mature. this is a very hardy plant that does well in the shade garden with rich moist well drained soil. Keep in mind this plant can get quite large with a spread of 24-30 inches, so give it some room, gets much larger than the hybrid Astilbes you might be familiar with.

Shade, Rich Soil, Summer, 3-5 ft Tall, Zones 4-9

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Chelone lyoni    -   PinkTurtlehead

Similar to the white variety except the leaves on this one are a little wider. The foliage is a very dark green color and somewhat shiny which makes it quite attractive even when not in bloom. It has beautiful pink tubular shaped flowers in the late summer to early fall. Gives you some blooms in the late season when not much else is in bloom in your shade garden. It likes shady wet areas right next to a creek or even in shallow water. Makes a large clump when mature with many stems and blooms, and you can easily dig these up and divide them. A must for your gardens if you have a moist to damp spot, it will tolerate drier soils but will stay smaller in size with less blooms but will still perform nicely.                                                                                                                

Shade, Rich Moist Soil, Fall, 2-3 ft Tall, Zones 3-8

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Dicentra cucullaria  - Dutchman’s Breeches



One of the first things to bloom in the early Spring has small white flowers. The foliage is light green and very finely cut almost resembles a fern frond. Enjoy this while you can in the spring because shortly after it blooms, which last about 2 or 3 weeks if the weather is good, the plant will die completely down as it goes dormant for the season. You might want to mark this someway in your garden so you do not disturb it during the season. Must have rich loose soil, preferably on the north side where the soil remains cool. Once it gets established it will slowly spread but be patient. Blooms resemble a pair of Dutchman's Breeches.

Shade, Rich Cool Soil, Early Spring, 6-18 in. Tall, Zones 3-8

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Geranium maculatum  -  Wild Geranium


Looking for some blooms in the shade, this is the plant. Has light pink to purple flowers from late spring to early summer. It will spread and make a very nice size clump quite quickly. In cooler climates it will tolerate about a half a day of full sun. This is one of our best selling plants.

Shade to Semi-Shade, Rich Soil, Spring – Summer, 1-2 ft. Tall, Zones 4-9.

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Lilium superbum  -  Turk’s Cap Lily

This is a tall lily often reaching 8 feet and can have 20 or more blooms. The blooms are orange with maroon spots, the petals curl back which allows the stamens and pistil to project out. A very pretty plant blooming in the summer. Prefers rich wet soil in a semi-shaded area. Plant the bulb 6-8 inches deep, this is where the ground is more consistently moist. This plant is a must for every garden. Very adaptable plant as far as soil and sun requirements. Best location is full sun and moist soil, however they will grow in the shade. In the sun they will get very tall and have 20 or so blooms per stalk, as you get more shade and/or drier soil they will stay much shorter and have less blooms, but still just as beautiful. By far one of our best sellers.

Semi-shade to Sun, Moist Rich Soil, Summer, 5-8 ft Tall, Zones 4-9

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Mertensia virginica  -  Virginia Blue Bells


A very early spring bloomer, has purple blue flowers on a leafy stem about 2 feet tall. It dies back shortly after it gets through blooming so plant something close to it so you will not have a bare spot in your garden, ferns are a good choice.

Shade to Semi-Shade, Moist to Wet Rich Soil, Spring, 12-18 in Tall, Zones 3-9

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Podophyllum peltatum  -  May Apple

One of our best sellers, each plant has a pair of large deeply lobed leaves, often reaching 8 inches across. The white flower nods down below these leaves. Will tolerate some sun if the soil is moist, but does best in a shady moist spot. This is a good spreader and will make a large colony of plants after several years.

Shade to Semi –Shade, Moist Rich Soil, Spring, 12-18 in Tall, Zones 4-9

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Polygonatum commutatum  -  Great Solomon's Seal

make a statement in your gardens with this very unusual plant in that it’s stem comes up 2 or 3 feet then lays outward another 2 or 3 feet. Has drooping greenish white flowers underneath the leaves, which turn into a purple seedpods in the fall. Will grow in varied conditions from Shade and moist to full sun and fairly dry in cooler climates.

Sun to Shade, Average Soil, Summer, 2-5’ Tall, Zones 3-9

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Stylophorum diphyllum        Celandine Poppy

Excellent plant for the shade garden. The bright yellow flowers really stand out in a dark corner. Blooms heavy in spring, then has sporadic blooms throughout the summer. Spreads very well to make a ground cover. Prefers rich woods soil, does not like much direct sun.

Shade, Rich Soil, Spring to Summer, 1-2 ft Tall, Zones 4-9


Bareroot Plant - Reg Price $6.45 - Sale price $4.85 -


Trillium cuneatum     Toad Trillium

Has a maroon colored flower that sits atop 3 variegated leaves. This plant will reach a height of 8-18” tall. The flower sits right close to the leaves, does not have a separate flower stem as most of the other trilliums do. This is the first Trillium to bloom in the Spring, often seen blooming in the snow here at the Nursery in March. This is one of the quicker spreading Trilliums, in a few short years you will have a very nice size clump. The flowers are fragrant and when you come on a patch of these the smell is fantastic. This is one of our best selling plants.

Shade - Semi-shade, Rich Moist Soil, Spring, 12-18 in Tall, Zones 5-9

Bareroot Plant - Reg Price $10.25 - Sale Price $7.70 -



Trillium grandiflorum    Snow Trillium

This variety is one of the showiest and well know varieties. Has large white flowers in the spring, that turn to a light pink color during late spring. While not a quick spreader be patient and after several years they will make a nice size clump and the large White flowers are quite a show stopper in the garden. by far our best selling Trillium, and if can only pick one for your garden pick this one it is very hardy.

Shade –Semi-shade, Rich Moist Soil, Spring, 8-16 in Tall, Zones 3-9

Bareroot Plant - Reg Price $10.25 - Sale Price $7.70



Uvularia grandiflora  -  Big Merrybells

This is a pretty plant with yellow flowers in the early spring. The foliage is somewhat like a Solomon's Seal except it is twisted a little giving it a wilted look. Makes a large clump and a beautiful show in the garden. Give it shade a good rich organic moist but well drained soil for it to thrive.

Shade, Rich Soil, Spring, 12-18 in Tall, Zones 5-9

Bareroot Plant - Reg Price $6.45 - Sale Price $4.85



Sun to Semi-Shade Plants


Liatris spicata  -  Spike Gayfeather

Perhaps somewhat shorter and compact than the other varieties. Will tolerate a slightly moist sunny area. The small purple blooms are numerous and quite showy. A real butterfly attracter and also makes a great cut flower.

Sun, Slightly Moist Soil, Summer, 3-4 ft Tall, Zones 4-9

3 Inch Pots - Reg Price $6.20 - Sale Price $4.65 -



Thermopsis villosa   -  Aaron’s Rod, Carolina Bush Pea

A very beautiful and unique looking plant. The bloom will remind you of a Lupine and the     foliage is similar to a Baptisia but much larger. Blooms in the late spring to early summer with yellow flowers atop 3-5 foot stems. Each plant will form into a large clump and spread by underground runners and by seed, so give it plenty of room. Will grow in varied conditions but dry to average soil and at least a half day of sun or more it will perform at its best. In the late summer and fall it has a seed pod that also is attractive.

Sun to Semi-shade, Average Dry Soil, Spring to Summer, 4-5’ Tall, Zones 3-8

Bareroot Plant - Reg Price $6.45 - Sale Price $4.85




Sedges and Ferns


Carex pensylvanica – Pennsylvania Sedge        

This is a native grass that makes an excellent shade groundcover which spreads in a restrained fashion. It has semi-evergreen leaves with an arching effect and spreads via rhizomes. Cut back in spring before new growth appears. It is easy to grow and makes a great underplanting.

Sun/Semi, Average Soil, Spring, 8-10” Tall, Spread 12-18”, Zones 4-8

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Athyrium asplenioides  -  Lady Fern, Red Stem Fern

This fern has a feathery texture frond with a red stem. Grows to a height of 18-30 inches. Prefers filtered sun to shade with moist rich soil. The fronds take on a bronze color before turning dark brown for the winter. It is a slow spreading fern, which will make a nice mass in a few years. One of our best selling ferns.

Shade to Semi-shade, Rich Moist Soil, 18-30 in Tall, Zones3-8

Bareroot Plant - Reg Price $9.25 - Sale Price $6.95


Dryopteris marginalis    -   Leather Woodfern

A dark green leathery looking fern that is evergreen. The fronds come out of the root crown in a circle and then layout somewhat. Needs soil that is rich, humus, and moist. It grows in a clump and the clump will get larger but it is very slow to spread so it will work well in with your other flowers.

Shade, Rich Moist Soil, 2-3 ft Tall, Zones 3-8

Bareroot Plant - Reg Price $9.25 - Sale Price $6.95


Polystichium acrostichoides  -  Christmas Fern

A very hardy evergreen fern. Has thick leathery dark green leaves that are used in the florist trade. This well known fern gives your flower garden some greenery during the winter months. Does best in rich moist but well drained soil and shade, maybe some morning sun in cooler climates. Grows into a nice size clumps after several years which can be divided.

Shade, Rich Moist Soil, 2-3 ft Tall, Zones 3-10

Bareroot Plant - Reg Price $7.60 - Sale Price $5.70









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