Birch Bark Moss Arrangement

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Bring the maximum in beauty and fragrance of this arrangement along with the woodsy look and feel of the outdoors into your home. The pot has layers of natural twigs and birch bark wrapped around it with splotches of green moss all over it which makes it a natural for the fresh mountain greenery you will find in it. Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar make an ideal setting for Natural Pine Cones, Faux Natural Berries, Natural Twigs nestled in oasis with a liner so you can add water to keep it fresher longer. The one in the picture measures 14” to 16” diameter. There are two additional sizes for you to choose from, they are 16” to 18” and one other 18” to 20” diameter. If you like the idea of the fragrance of mountain greenery you will be delighted with this choice.
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