American Ginseng Seeds - Panax quinquefolius Per Gram


American Ginseng Seeds - Fully stratified and ready to plant now and they will germinate next Spring.  Supply is limited this season! Order Now!

Approximately 20 seeds per gram. Your discount will be applied when you are taken to the checkout page, you will not see the discount when you view your cart. 

 1-4 Grams $2.50 per gram
5-9 Grams $2.25 per gram
10-19 Grams $2.00 per gram
20-29 Grams $1.75 per gram
30 or more grams $1.50 per gram


A well-known plant used across the world for its medicinal properties. Like many of the wildflowers, this one is very slow to grow. It is grown from seed, from seed sowing to mature plant will take 5 to 7 years depending on the conditions. The older the plant the more valuable it is in the medicinal market. The roots we sell are often 10 years old or more. The bloom is quite insignificant but the red berries in the fall are very showy. Some common names for Ginseng are dwarf groundnut, five fingers, gensang, manroot, redberry, tartar root and the more well-known sang used by the old-timers. On a walk through the rich, cool woods you may see it growing from New England south to the Appalachian mountain area to Georgia, west to Oklahoma, Michigan, and Wisconsin. It has small flowers which turn to red berries in the Fall and the berries produce the very much desired seeds. If you are digging around the roots you must take care not to slice them because the roots shaped like a human are the most prized specimens as well as the older roots. You can tell how old the plant is by counting the scars on the underground root neck. As you may know, Ginseng has been used for its medicinal qualities. The Chinese have long touted it as an aphrodisiac as well as for all kinds of ailments.

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