Caltha palustris - Marsh marigold


Marsh marigold is related to the buttercup family and is native to marshes. It doesn’t look like a marigold and is not related to marigolds. It grows in full sun to part shade in shallow water or wet, boggy soils. Will bloom best in full sun but needs some shade in the heat of summer, in fact if it is too hot for it in the summer it may go dormant. The bright yellow blooms appear in spring on 12”-18” tall hollow stems. Flowers give way to seed pods which split open when ripe to send seeds flying out. No part of this plant should be eaten raw but the flower buds may be cooked and pickled in vinegar. Young leaves can be boiled and used as greens. Good for bog gardens or pond edges.

Sun-Semi Shade, Wet Soil, Yellow, Spring, 1-1 ½ ft. Tall, Zones 3-7

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