Chamerion angustifolium - Fireweed

A tall grower reaching a height of 5-6 ft. with pinkish purple flowers, puts on quite a show in the summer months. Will grow in varied conditions, and will spread quite readily if left alone. Be sure to put this in a spot where it can spread and be free, spreads by underground runners. Seen in the wild where there have been recent fires, hence its common name. With all this said you would think that we would have ample supply. They are very difficult to grow from seed, sometime we have great success and other years we have none. We are doing more with root cuttings but these can also be difficult at times. Also they are very popular and as soon as we get some plants of salable size they are gone.
Sun to Semi-Shade, Average Soil, Summer to Fall, 5-6 ft Tall, Zones 3-9
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