Clintonia umbellulata - Speckled Clintonia, Blackbead Lily


Has delicate white flowers that appear in the spring atop of a 8-15 inch stalk. The leaves are basal and somewhat thick with a medium green color. We consider this plant to be a slow to moderate spreader, often seen in the wild in very large patches but keep in mind they have probably been there a very long time. They spread by rhizomes just slightly below the soil level and can be easily divided as they mature. Pick a spot in your garden that has very rich soil. While the best spot for these is in the shade they can tolerate some sun, preferably morning sun. In the late summer to fall they have a black to deep blue berry on them hence the common name Blackbead Lily. 

Shade, Rich Soil, Spring, 8-15 in Tall, Zones 4-8

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