Iris Cristata - Dwarf Crested Iris - 3 1/2" Pot Special

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This well known plant is a great early spring bloomer with light blue flowers that have a white throat. Stays short, only about 5 inches tall. Will spread and make a ground cover if it receives some sun. It will grow in sun or shade, in the shade it will slowly spread and will have sporadic blooms, when given some filtered or direct sun it will stay more tightly bunched and will bloom more profusely. It is not that picky about the soil we have seen it in rich woods soil to sandy soils and even in red clay. Very hardy once established but do not mulch over top as the rhizomes are right on tope of the ground and mulch will smother them out. By far one of our best sellers.

Semi-shade, Average Soil, Spring, 3-5 in. Tall, Zones 4-9

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