Mountain Greenery Box

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80 Galax Leaves
30 Princess Pine
5 Fraser Fir Sprays 24-36"
3 Ilex Winterberry Holly Stems 12-18"
2 Rhododendron Sprays 24-32"
2 Mountain Laurel Sprays 18-24"


A ready made mixture of fresh evergreens will delight you, your family or friends. If for someone other than yourself, just tell us and we will include a greeting card with your message. You can arrange your own vase to highlight any area of your home, lay Fraser Fir Sprays on your mantel or table and put other greens around them. For longer lasting freshness put them in water. The one evergreen that does well without water is the Fraser Fir sprays. As they dry they become more fragrant. You can even make your own wreath.

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