Tree Top Christmas Tree

Nestled in a Brown Bark Basket is a tree cut from a mature Fraser Fir, the Cadillac of Christmas trees, and set in this basket giving you the look of a regular tree on a smaller basis perfect for Apartments, Condos or if you just want a smaller one. It makes a perfect Christmas tree easy to decorate with lights, balls, ornaments or whatever you choose and taking down after the Holidays is a cinch, you won’t feel like a Grinch! This mostly Fraser Fir tree has the addition of White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar placed all around inside the branches with a Lotus Pod, Natural Pine Cones and Birch twigs sticking up throughout. The entire tree in the basket stands 3’ Tall and is 15” to 20” wide. The lined basket has oasis which allows you to add water to keep it green and fresh much longer. You could put one outside on either side of your entrance into your house or garage, or just imagine what fun it would be in a child’s room, etc. Let your creative genius take over and decorate it any way you like. How about one for the birds with Pine Cones covered in Peanut Butter and Sunflower seeds pressed into the Peanut Butter, etc.? The options are endless with this small Christmas Tree!
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