Lilium Superbum - Turk's Cap Lily

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This is a tall lily often reaching 8 feet and can have 20 or more blooms. The blooms are orange with maroon spots, the petals curl back which allows the stamens and pistil to project out. A very pretty plant blooming in the summer. Prefers rich wet soil in a semi-shaded area. Plant the bulb 6-8 inches deep, this is where the ground is more consistently moist. This plant is a must for every garden. Very adaptable plant as far as soil and sun requirements. Best location is full sun and moist soil, however, they will grow in the shade. In the sun they will get very tall and have 20 or so blooms per stalk, as you get more shade and/or drier soil they will stay much shorter and have fewer blooms, but still just as beautiful. By far one of our best sellers.

Semi-shade to Sun, Moist Rich Soil, Summer, 5-8 ft Tall, Zones 4-9




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