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About Us

Gardens of The Blue Ridge

We are now in our 126th, since 1892, year of this Family owned business operating as North Carolina’s oldest licensed Nursery. Carrying on the tradition of E. C. Robbins and son Edward P Robbins, we still continue to supply quality wildflowers and native plants to our customers in the U. S. and around the world.

The Nursery remains in the family to this day with Robyn Fletcher, Great Grandson of E. C. Robbins, Grandson of Edward P Robbins, and Son of Katy Robbins Fletcher.

Robyn has worked for the business for a total of 30 years, learning every part of the business from his Grandfather, along with his brother, Edward Fletcher who left to work in the Herbal Industry.  Our Christmas tradition of providing Christmas Greenery in the form of Garlands of various mixtures, many kinds of Arrangements, Wreaths of plain or mixed Greenery in all sizes and Bundles of favorite Greenery for customers all across the country. In addition to this, we also send out various Items of Greenery for Weddings throughout the year.