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Shipping Seasons

Bareroot Plants - Starts early September and continues through Fall, Winter, and Early Spring which is mid-April. Bareroot plants can only be shipped when they are dormant in most cases. Some plants will emerge in early Spring while others are late to emerge. You will find the availability of each plant when you select bareroot.  


Potted Plants - Begins March and April and continues throughout the growing season until December. Some potted plants can be shipped before April. With our potted plants, we like to see some signs of growth with most plants before we ship so we can make sure you are getting a viable plant. While some plants we can tell their viability before they have any growth on them. As you select your plants and the size you want you will notice it will tell you when it is available. 


Holiday Evergreens - Starts Early November for most items and continues right up until Christmas. Many items we can make any time of the year.