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Mixed Greenery Wreaths

Choose a wreath to match your garland. The different textures combine to give these wreaths a unique look. The fragrance from these will bring you to the mountains. We offer these in Single or Double Face. Single Face is one sided and is perfect for a wall, door, or a place where the back of the wreath does not show. If you are looking for a wreath to hang where both sides of the wreath will show such as a window, post, etc. you will want a Double Face Wreath. The Double Face wreath is double sided which means it has greenery on both sides of the wreath so that it hides the metal ring on the back. We offer these wreaths in several different sizes, 12-14", 16-18", 22-24", 28-30", and 34-36" all Single or Double Face. Larger sizes are available - email us at contact@gardensoftheblueridge if you would like a larger size.