Bareroot Plant Information

Some of you are asking what does bareroot plant mean and what size are they? A bareroot plant is one that we have grown in our beds here at the Nursery from a division, cutting or seed whatever the case may be for a particular plant. We grow these in our beds until they reach a mature size which will vary according to each plant. During the Spring and Fall we will harvest these plants and offer them for sale to our customers and we will also pot them for future sales. We harvest them when they are still dormant and for shipping, we wrap them in damp peat moss and pine bark mix, this keeps them happy during shipping. You can also add this high-quality soil mix to the hole when you plant it. Each plant will have a white growth bud that goes up when planting and the label on the bag will tell you the planting depth to cover this bud. Simply cover and lightly water and at the appropriate time, they will emerge. And most of the time you do not have to dig as big of a hole for bareroots as you would in a pot. Again, these are vigorous mature sized roots.

There are several advantages of planting bareroot stock. First and foremost, you can save a tremendous amount of money per plant and on shipping cost. You will receive mature size plants. They will go through less transplant shock than potted plants. You can plant them now while the weather is cooler. As we harvest our plants, we pick out the most healthy-looking roots so they will flourish for you.

You may say “My growing season has already begun it's too late to plant now”. We are located at a high elevation so our plants stay dormant much later than most places so as long as they are dormant for us you can still plant them, and they will emerge shortly after you plant them. We ship the bareroots from mid-February until late March or early to mid-April, depending on the weather and each individual plant.