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Chelone lyoni - Pink Turtlehead

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$5.20 - $12.55
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Similar to the white variety except the leaves on this one are a little wider. The foliage is a very dark green color and somewhat shiny which makes it quite attractive even when not in bloom. It has beautiful pink tubular shaped flowers in the late summer to early fall. Gives you some blooms in the late season when not much else is in bloom in your shade garden. It likes shady wet areas right next to a creek or even in shallow water. Makes a large clump when mature with many stems and blooms, and you can easily dig these up and divide them. A must for your gardens if you have a moist to damp spot, it will tolerate drier soils but will stay smaller in size with less blooms but will still perform nicely.                                                                                                                
Shade, Rich Moist Soil, Fall, 2-3 ft Tall, Zones 3-8
Size: Quart