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Silene virginica - Fire Pink

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One of the prettiest wildflowers that will make a real show in your shade garden, hard to find flowers with more vivid color than this one that grows in the shade. Has long lasting bright red flowers that appear in Spring and will last to early Summer if conditions are right. Each plant will have many blooms and stalks. Must have rich well-drained soil, good for rock gardens, will tolerate some sun. Has long taproot that likes to get behind rocks so do not disturb this one after it gets established. A very pretty plant, one of our best sellers. In the wild, it is often seen on steep road banks in rich to sandy soil and where it gets some early morning or midday sun. This is a must for every garden. 

Shade to Sun, Dry Soil, Spring to Summer, 2-3’ Tall, Zones 3-8
Size: Quart