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Bargain Bin

  Bargain Bin - SAVE up to 30%


You will find some really good deals in our Bargain Bin. In late winter as weather permits we harvest some of our popular plants and put them in our cold storage area and wrap them in moist peat moss. So this time of year we often have some extra plants that we did not sell. And as spring rolls around we can only do so much to keep them dormant and they will start to grow in these plastic bags. These are bareroot plants that are wrapped in peat moss and plastic. These all have fully mature root systems that are in good shape. So what to expect from these this year after you plant them. This year the tops will grow more but they may look a little crooked and strange, but you will have a strong root system that will grow and next year they will be back to normal. Most of the items you can snip the tops off and they will grow new tops this year and may look pretty good and may bloom some. On the Trillium we recommend that you do not snip these tops off because they will not grow new tops again. They will look crazy this year but will be normal next year. By leaving the tops on they will get the food they need to grow better next year. 


We have offered these bargains for several years and these will sell out fast and supplies are limited. These are first come first serve. We ship these as we get the orders in and these must be shipped now so you cannot select a future ship date. These prices only apply to items shipped now. All these are ready and will be shipped out immediately, if you can't plant them right away put them in your refrigerator or a cool place and they will be fine.

First come first served - Supplies are limited!


Follow this link to see all of our Bargain Bin items!!