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Dicentra eximia - Fringed Bleeding Heart

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What makes this one of our customer favorites is that it blooms from first sign of warm weather until the frost kills it back in the fall. The pink flowers mixed with the fern like foliage give it a very delicate look. In cooler climates it will tolerate quite a bit of sun if the soil is rich and not allowed to dry out. Do not use a heavy thick mulch around this it prefers a light pin bark or pine needle mulch. It will drop some seed and you should have several seedlings every year you can transplant around your garden. It makes almost a small shrub, will grow to about 2’ tall and 2-3’ across. This Dicentra should be in every garden.  
Shade to Semi Shade, Rich Soil, Spring thru Fall, 18-24 in. Tall, Zones 3-8.
Size: Quart