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Dodecatheon meadia - Shooting Star

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$5.20 - $12.55
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One of our best sellers, has beautiful pure white flowers that appear in the spring, the petals are reflexed which leaves the stamens exposed for a very beautiful and unique look. The basal foliage is light green and very tender and will curl up some if over exposed to the sun or becomes dry but always rebounds during the night time hours. The ideal spot is a shady area where the soil is rich and somewhat moist. It goes dormant in the late summer so you might want to mark this in your garden so you do not disturb it during its dormant period. It will make a nice size clump after established for several years, also spreads very slowly from seed.

Shade to semi-shade, Rich Moist Soil, Spring, 9-18 in. Tall, Zones 4-8
Size: Quart