Eutrochium purpureum - Sweet-scented Joe Pye Weed

This Joe Pye weed is a tall native perennial that grows in low, moist ground, wooded slopes, and other moist places. It is an erect, clump forming plant that grows 4-7 feet tall and forms serrated, dark green leaves (to 12” long). Tiny vanilla scented, pinkish-purple flowers in large domed shape forms that bloom in mid-summer to early fall. The flowers form seed heads that last well into the winter. It is sometimes thought of as a roadside weed not seriously considered for its outstanding attributes. When planted in groups or massed it really makes an impact, good also for rear borders, meadows or along ponds. Butterflies are attracted to it and it is Deer resistant.
Sun-Shade, Moist-Humus Soil, Pinkish-Purple, Summer-Fall, 5-7 ft. Tall, Zones 4-9
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