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Lilium Superbum - Turk's Cap Lily

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This Turk's Cap Lily is a tall and impressive plant, often reaching heights of 8 feet. With an abundance of 20 or more orange blooms, each accented with maroon spots, this lily is a stately addition to any garden. Its unique curling petals allow the stamens and pistil to project out, making it a botanical marvel. Ideal for rich, wet soil in semi-shaded areas, this lily should be planted 6-8 inches deep where the soil remains consistently moist. While it thrives in full sun and moist soil, it is also adaptable and can grow in shady locations with slightly drier soil. Despite varying conditions, this lily remains a must-have for any garden and is consistently one of our top-selling plants.

Semi-shade to Sun, Moist Rich Soil, Summer, 5-8 ft Tall, Zones 4-9




Size: Quart