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Lonicera sempervirens - Trumpet or Coral Honeysuckle

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A beautiful twining vine that has red tubular flowers and a yellow throat. These bloom late Spring through early Summer. They prefer semi-shade to shade but will tolerate more sun in cooler climates. The vines grow to around 15 feet or a little longer, they do loose their leaves in the winter but the woody stem will remain and put on new leaves and blooms the next season. They are make a great show and are good for arbors, fences, and anything else that they can twine around and climb. When in bloom you are sure to have some Hummingbirds come around and also when it develops seed pods later on in the year it will attract many different types of birds that love to eat the seed. On the medicinal side the juice from the plant has been used to treat bee stings.

Shade to Semi-Shade, Rich Soil, Spring to Summer, Vine 15' Long, Zones 4-9

Size: Quart