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Pycnanthemum virginianum – Mountain Mint

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Pycanthemum means “densely packed flowers” which appear as small, white flowers often spotted with purple arranged in dense clusters atop strongly upright stems. They grow best in Full Sun, Partial Loam, or Clay in Medium, Moist to Wet Soil in meadows which makes the common name of “ Mountain Mint” somewhat misleading. The blooms in July, August and September are highly attractive to pollinators such as honeybees, a wide variety of native bees, beetles and some Butterflies all seeking nectar. It is a good plant for rain gardens, shoreline or any moist area.
Amazingly this low-growing plant usually about 2’ high is totally deer proof and leaf-chewing insects hardly ever bother it, probably due to its minty flavor. Being a member of the mint family the leaves, which emit a strong aroma when crushed, can be used in teas.
Full/Partial Sun, Sand, Loam, Clay Soil, Summer, 1’-3’ Tall, Zones 3-7
Size: Quart