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Yuletide Sleigh Bells Pot Arrangement

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The Yuletide Sleigh Bells Pot Arrangement is a festive arrangement that captures the joyful essence of holiday traditions. Housed in a classic white pot adorned with a sleigh and bells motif, it harks back to the old-fashioned Christmas sleigh rides over the snow.

Lush evergreens form a verdant base, symbolizing life and renewal during the winter months. They are accented with sprigs of holly berries, their vibrant red color standing out against the greenery and evoking the traditional holly wreaths of the season.

Natural pine cones are tucked within the boughs, dusted with a touch of frost to mimic a gentle snowfall. Delicate golden accents and whimsical twig spirals add a sparkle that resembles the quiet beauty of a winter's night lit by starlight.

This arrangement not only brings the visual joy of Christmas into your home but also carries the crisp scent of pine that completes the holiday atmosphere. The Yuletide Sleigh Bells Pot is a charming reminder of the wonders of the season and makes for a perfect centerpiece or a thoughtful holiday gift.

Measures 12-14" tall and wide.